Softcore & Hardcore Real Amateur Models

As an off-shoot of Northwest Beauties, Mac is back on the scene (after a long absence) with new exciting content plus popular old videos of his best amateur models. Macs settings of his models shoots are in hotel rooms and through the power of persuasion the models go further into topless, nude, toying, blowjobs and alot more Hardcore scenes!

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21 years old with Spanish/Italian heritage! She has light brown/blonde hair with green eyes and cool facial features. She is 5’4”, 34D!!! And NO TATTOOS!!

  1. Adrianna 1st ShootAdrianna Lingerie
  2. Adrianna 2nd ShootAdrianna Massage
  3. Adrianna 3rd ShootAdrianna Blowjob


A hot 27 year old 5’1” MILF - it is very unique in that the shoot was done at her house with her hubby and 2 kids in the house. The shoot was done in her bedroom which was not very big but I think we improvised pretty well. She’s also breastfeeding so her boobs are full of MILK and she LACTATES and squirts some milk for us!!!

  1. Amber 1st ShootAmber Milf
  2. Amber 2nd ShootAmber Blowjob
  3. Amber 3rd ShootAmber Sex

Amber D

A great change of pace from the taller, busty models that I’ve been shooting lately. Amber is BARELY 18 (but she IS - I checked her ID’s twice LOL) and a freshman in college - she is a petite hottie standing only 4’11” tall (or short lol) with some super perky 33B boobs that look awesome on her petite frame! Her boyfriend went home for the weekend so she drove 5 1/2 hours to do a MAC shoot!! She looks even younger and cuter when she showed up with her hair in pigtails LOL. She described herself as outgoing, talkative and flirty - and as you will see in volume 1 she is a real talker with a super personality (the modeling scenes are a bit longer in this video because of her talkative nature!!)!! This is her FIRST (and in talking to her after the shoot probably her last (she says she would rather have my job on the production side of things!) shoot of ANY kind - and you can see her in her debut and finale only here at MAC’s videos!!

  1. Amber D BikiniAmber D Party
  2. Amber D BikiniAmber D Bikini
  3. Amber D in Dorm ShootAmber D Dorm
  4. Amber 3rd ShootAmber D Hardcore


New, HOT and FIRST-TIME model Ashleigh is welcomed to the site!! Ashleigh is barely 19, just out of high school and is a "triple B" or BBB girl that I've been trying to shoot for months and finally DID!!!! What is a BBB??? Blonde, Busty, and Blue-eyed.. yup your high school dream... (5‘7“, 120 pounds and a 35C-29-35 firgue) - ALL NATURAL..... and just did a MAC video.... She is quite cute and very innocent (wait till you hear her cute voice!!) which ends up being quite provocative... She also has perfect teeth and smile as she just had her braces removed!! Lots of great casual conversation with this all natural cutie!!!

  1. Ashleigh BikiniAshleigh Bikini
  2. BlowjobAshleigh Blowjob
  3. SexAshleigh Sex


Becca is a 21 year old local cutie with 30G (yes that is NOT a misprint!!) BOOBS!!! And they are STILL GROWING - she said she was a C cup when she graduated college, then went to D and DD - then recently that didn’t fit so she went and got measured/fitted professionally and they told her she was a 30G!!!! She is only 5’2” tall, 30G-27-36 RED HEAD, Jewish girl (you know what they say…) with some AMAZING TA TA s..

  1. Becca BoobsBecca Boobs
  2. BlowjobBecca Blowjob


20 year old FIRST TIME model with a unique look - she is 25% Korean, 25% black and 50% German/Italian - definitely a good “mix”!!! What is even better is that she has ALL NATURAL 34DD’s!!! OMG these things are real BEAUTIES!!!! I think she has the biggest, natural, perfect boobs since Adrianna!!! When I asked her if they are natural she responded “Yes, they are a natural everyday annoyance to my life” LOL - well her annoyance is OUR PLEASURE!!!

  1. Brea BikiniBrea Bikini
  2. BlowjobBrea Blowjob
  3. SexBrea Sex


Another BRAND NEW and FIRST TIME model answered a MAC CL ad - CARYN!!! She sent me a topless pic and one look at her BIG and PUFFY NIPS and AREOLA and I knew I had to get my hands on/in this girl!! She is a petite (size 2), slim 20 year old and is a bit nervous - looking to see what modeling is like and make a few $.

  1. Caryn NudeCaryn Nude
  2. BlowjobCaryn Blowjob


Crystal JUST TURNED 18 and is a real cutie as you will see in this video - she’s got the looks and a great personality to match!! She is 5’7” and 120 lbs with a great set of “cupcake” boobs - a cute pair of 34B’s that are super firm, cute with nice puffy nips!

  1. ToplessCrystal Topless
  2. ToysCrystal Toys
  3. BJCrystal BJ


This is a HOT video with a HOT YOUNG model!!! She is STUNNINGLY beautiful with a great face/body that could easily pose for MAXIM/Playboy etc…. She is only 18 years old (and only by a few months!). I had only seen one picture of her, but took a chance and went to the motor city to check her out for a shoot.

  1. LingerieDona Lingerie
  2. BlowjobDona Blowjob


Met through the internet and we met up the next day. She is 20 years old, 5'5" tall, 115 pounds (all lean!) with a 34C (natural)-26-37 figure (with no tattoos or piercings!)!

  1. ToplessEllie Topless
  2. BlowjobEllie Groping


Jenna is a super cute 20 year old sophomore that goes to a prestigious university in the northeast. She grew up in Boston, but as you’ll see/hear she doesn’t have a typical accent for some reason!

  1. IntroJenna Cleavage
  2. MassageJenna Massage
  3. SexJenna BJ


Just graduated from High School - is JUST 18!! She grew up in Boston (you will note her accent!!) and after graduating high school decided to move to Miami for fun in the sun LOL. She is supercute and SUPER BUSTY - ALL NATURAL 40DD!!! Volume 1 has her modeling some “revealing” tops and eventually going FULL NUDE!!!

  1. IntroKatrina Intro
  2. VegetablesKatrina Vegetables
  3. SexKatrina Sex


She is ONLY 18 and it 5’10” with a great lean body and 36B titties!! She is a freshman on a FULL SCHOLARSHIP (yea, she aced her SAT’s and is taking math/physics and plans on medical school!!) but is originally from southern California!! You will fall in love with her - she is a natural and you will learn all about her during the shoot.

  1. ToplessKristin Topless
  2. NudeKristin Nude
  3. SexKristin Sex


She is 23 years old, hazel eyes, 5’ 3”, 36C/D-24-37, and in great shape!! This is her FIRST SHOOT!!

  1. Lacey BoobsLacey Nude
  2. BlowjobLacey Blowjob


Laina is a BUSTY model (and as you’ll see that is an understatement) from up north. I had been trying to arrange for her to travel for a shoot for several months and she finally did!!! She is 22 years old, 5’4” and is a WHOPPING 36F (ALL NATURAL!!!)-27-38!!! She has a little modeling experience so she knows to pose and tease us! Laina is a dream come true for all you big boob lovers out there!!!

  1. CleavageLaina Cleavage
  2. NudeLaina Play
  3. SexLaina Sex


JUST TURNED 18, is a college freshman and decided to try modeling for some fun and $$ - lucky for us she decided to do a MAC shoot as her FIRST modeling job!!!! She is dark complexion (100% Portugese!!!), 5’4”, 125 lbs and a great body with 34B titties!!! You will fall in love with this adorable cutie with a LOVELY SMILE!!! She has mostly preppy clothes - but as you will see Lizzy makes them look HOT!!!!

  1. CleavageLizzy Cleavage
  2. NudeLizzy Fingering
  3. SexLizzy Sex


She is a cute, petite (5’ 2”; 34 C/D; 115 pounds) 22 year old local college student who has some still modeling experience (so she is great at striking poses and “teasing” the camera!! - she reminds me of Adrianna in her ability to pose/tease the camera!) but this is her FIRST video experience!! She has NO tattoos or piercings with medium length black hair and green eyes!

  1. Lyndsay BoobsLyndsay Boobs
  2. MassageLyndsay Massage


I’ve always wanted to shoot an ASIAN model but have never found one to even consider nude scenes as they are usually VERY conservative. Makiko is a local girl who is interested in modeling and was ok with nude (but not interested in anything else…). She is 27 years old and was born/raised in Japan and came to the U.S. for school when she was 18.

  1. NudeMakiko Nude
  2. MassageMakiko Massage
  3. FacialMakiko Facial


We learn about her horny friends, her non-partying lifestyle, why she's modeling (to pay off christmas debts), her large family, her cheerleading injuries and ROTC activities, her belly rings, her lack of tan even though she is in Florida, surfing, her ethnic background, her perspective on pajamas, ex-boyfriend problems and more...

  1. BikiniMichelle Bikini
  2. MassageMichelle Massage
  3. BlowjobMichelle Blowjob


MAC hit the jackpot when this just turned 18 yo HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT responded to a CL ad!! This was shot JUST LAST WEEK and in HIGH DEFINITION!!! I’m planning another shoot with her (when you see volume 2 you will know why!! ;) as she is trying to make money for college next year!

  1. Nancy SchoolNancy School
  2. MassageNancy Blowjob


Nicole answered a craigslist ad for “petitie” models - she IS and MAC hit the jackpot. She wasn’t up for a full MAC shoot so there are only 2 volumes unfortunately… Volume 1 contains all of the modeling scenes up to FULL NUDE. Nicole is 23 and only 5 foot tall and 103 lbs - 32B -25-35 with firm and perky boobs. OVER 80 minutes, 9 scenes and 5 BTS scenes!! Lots of great casual conversation during the shoot so you will get to know her well!!

  1. Nancy NudeNicole Nude
  2. BlowjobNicole Blowjob


Samantha is from upstate NY so we met up at a hotel in PA to split the difference. She brought her boyfriend along but said he wouldn’t get in the way and she was correct - I got a suite at the hotel and he stayed in the other room while we got down to business of shooting a MAC video! Samantha didn’t bring many outfits to model so as you’ll see there is plenty of topless in this video J . She has only done a few shoots before (mostly stills) but has a natural girl-next-door look (23 years old, 5’5”, 36B/C- 27-39).

  1. SexySamantha Sexy
  2. OilSamantha Oil
  3. SexSamantha Sex


Shayna is a lovely young woman with an amazing figure. She is very curvy and proportional and has a beautiful set of knockers. I loved watching Shayna model her casual/office wear. Maybe I need to hire a secretary!

  1. BoobsShayna Boobs
  2. HCShanya Hardcore


This is another shoot from MAC’s “Vault” - shot several years ago!! Vanilla is ONE HOT BUSTY BABE (some awesome D-Cups on this beauty!! - ALL NATURAL!)!! With LONG RED hair to match her HOTNESS LOL!! This was a “hands off” shoot as she brought her boyfriend/fiancee - but I think it was worth it as she does not waste any time in showing off and pleasing herself for the camera!!!

  1. SexyVanilla Boobs
  2. SexVanilla Sex